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1- Does the virtual office program covers the infrastructure cost, includes receptionist greeting clients or suppliers in case of appointments, management of calls and document receipt?
Answer: Yes.

2.- What are the advantages of having a Virtual Office?


-SAVINGS: Since you will pay no rent, utilities, equipment, maintenance, or payroll expenses you can lower your operating costs up to 80%. 

-IMAGE: Opting for our comfortable, well equipped offices in which to meet with your clients, suppliers, or colleagues, will project an image of success and professionalism.

-FUNCTIONALITY: Our offices are strategically located and feature 24 hour security and ample parking. 

 It´s the perfect way to get all the services of a traditional office, made simple and cost effective. Benefits include: a business address, designated telephone lines and qualified and personalized receptionist service to handle your mail, calls -answering in your company name, and to courteously assist  walk-ins. Pertaining reports shall be forwarded in real time to your email and web office simultaneously. 


3.- How does the Virtual Office work?

Our Virtual Office service is personalized, meaning that your instructions in regards to handling any of the business matters you place under your plan will be followed. Also your will have assigned office space for business meetings according to the program you select. 


4.- How does the telephone answering service in a virtual office work?

Our qualified staff will manage all your calls and messages and a report will be forwarded later to your email.

5.- Will the information be forwarded only to the person contracting the services or will it also go to my partners?

Two partners may be named to receive the information, at the time of contracting services, free of charge. 


6.- What are the office hours?

From Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM and from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM. Saturday from 8:30 pm to 1:30 pm.


7.- About messaging, how is the handling of it in case my clients or suppliers send me documentation?

Our personal will get the message or package from the central  (Av. Ejercito Mexicano No. 2004 Interior 234, Col. Insurgentes, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Dentro de la Plaza Central de Oficinas.) if it is a legal document or urgent you will be notified by email, then you can go to pick it up at any of our facilities, we can also send it to you or send it scanned (extra charge).


8.- What happens to the mail I want to send?

In case you want us to send the mail at any address, previously we require you to deposit the money to be sent by courier of your choice, once checked ,the cost of extra service is $ 50.00 in the during which 24Hr, will be held on shipping.

9.- What kind of instruction can I give to the virtual office?

The instructions are classified as daily and permanent and you can send it by email without any limitation.

10.- Do I have a physical office temporarily in your facilities for my business meetings?

You have a fitted office which you can arrange the day and hours upon request (reservation) in which all services will be provided in addition to wireless Internet.

11.- How long I can have physical office to see my customers?

We offer 3 plans with physical office use, including 10, 15 and 20 hours of use per month. We also can structure a plan based on your needs.


12.- What are the payment options?

We accept electronic transfers, deposit into the bank account (cash, check) in our offices (check) and credit / debit Visa or Master Card.

13.- How will I receive proof of payment of the service?

You will get a preview of your bill via e-mail once a month as a reminder for payment programming, having made ​​the payment your original service bill will be sent along with your file validation.

14.- Does it cost anything to talk on the phone at the office?

Yes. It costs $ 3.00 local call, cellphone calls $ 3.00 per minute, $ 5.00 foreign Cellular minute, National Calls $ 5.00 per minute and calls to the U.S. at $ 10.00 a minute. Alternatively you can check our prices here.

15.- Can I put my legal address?

Si. You can receive your tax documents and your bills may has as address of Av Ejercito Mexicano Interior 234 No. 2004, Col. Insurgentes, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Within the Central Square Offices.

16. - What are the requirements for corporations?

- Copy of RFC

- Copy of Incorporation certificate

-Power for acts of administration of the legal representative.

- Copy of IFE Legal Representative

-Copy of Proof of Address of Legal Representative

- First monthly payment.

-Payment of deposit and / or warranty.

- Fill out the application and signing the contract.


17.- What are the requirements for a physical person?

- Copy of RFC

- Copy of IFE

-Copy of Proof of Address

- First monthly payment.

-Payment of deposit and / or warranty.

- Fill out the application and signing the contract.


18.- Why do I need a virtual office?

It is the perfect alternative for people or companies that do not need a full time office, but with the peace of mind that you can have access to an excellent office when you need to serve your customers, suppliers or colleagues. Also you will have a secretary receptionist, telephone line, a tax address and receiving all your mail without having your own physical office.

That is, you can make all your commercial operation for a very affordable cost, with any of our plans.


19.- Where are your offices in Mazatlan, Sinaloa?

Virtual offices are located at 2004 Av Ejercito Mexicano Interior No. 234, Col. Insurgentes, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Within the Central Square Offices.

20.- How can I contact you?

Call us at Tel (01 669) 9 84 16 65,9 84 19 10 and / or our email, if you prefer we can contact you, just send us your data from here.

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