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Cebert Virtual offices

CEBERT is now offering virtual offices at a low cost.


Whether you need a business address or a complete virtual office package, or simply a space to meet clients, CEBERT can be your partner to efficiently cut your costs. Our plans feature state of the art technology and our products and services will provide a supportive environment so you can focus on maximizing your business potential .

We help you manage your time wisely and effectively, thus improving productivity and resources.

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  This program is ideal for: 

·       Those who want to start their business or profession without a large investment.

·       Those who work at home, telecommute, are on the road or offer services to clients in their homes.

·   Clubs, associations or other organizations that occasionally require a meeting space


Why should you opt for a Virtual Office?


Opting for a virtual office plan will allow you to reduce the costs of setting up a traditional office significantly, while operating your business efficiently. The costs of operating a conventional office averages $20,000.00 MXN, our plans start at $2,500.00 MXN, Opting for a CEBERT VIRTUAL OFFICE, will provide you with hassle free support, and allow you to save on expenses such as: Utilities, office equipment and maintenance, payroll, and release you from contingent employers liability.


    Our VIRTUAL OFFICES or Conventional Office Space plans include:

·   Professional and personalized receptionist service to answer calls in your company name, receive messages, and forward messages directly to you.

·   A business address

·   Optional amenities such as: copying, scanning, binding, use of projector, stationery, receipt and delivery of parcels, refreshments and more.


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